About Us!

She’s So Right! is an effortless yet edgy lifestyle brand for women. Fun and feminine clothes are the foundation of what we do, but our deeper purpose is to give free-thinking women a chance for self-expression through fashion-forward silhouettes and eye-catching accessories. In pink, of course! We design and manufacture our 2000’s-inspired collections in the heart of sunny Los Angeles.


Meet Our Founder!

Drawing inspiration from her love of pink and all things feminine, Natalie Winters created She’s So Right! to design clothing and accessories that juxtapose the fun and flirty with some serious free-thinking. A Santa Monica, California native, Natalie is also an accomplished investigative journalist, commentator, and co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. Natalie (Miss Information, herself) has devoted her career to defending the American way of life, so starting a business that’s powered by American workers and cotton farmers seemed So Right!


Our Commitment To Usa-Made!

Our collections are designed with values and purpose.

Our clothing is made by Los Angeles Apparel, which strives to be an “example of how the garment industry can return to the United States.” Their products support cotton farmers and the yarn industry here at home, helping to strengthen American supply chains and not leave us so vulnerable to China. Made in the heart of Los Angeles, their products are constructed by experienced sewers who earn up to $25 an hour and no less than $16; additionally, workers have healthcare benefits for less than $15 per week, a 401k plan, paid sick days, subsidized bus passes and favorable overtime benefits.

Our hats are made and embroidered by Unionwear, the leading manufacturer of USA-made hats for over 2 decades. They employ 175 American workers at their 70,000 square foot facility in New Jersey. We’re proud to source our apparel and accessories from a brand setting the standard for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States.



The best way to get a hold of us is by sending an email to ShopShesSoRight@gmail.com. Order help, general inquiries, suggestions, press, your hottest political takes, all of it. Barring any big tech interference, we’ll get back to you in 48 hours.